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Survivor Joe is a non-profit organization that provides support for our troops.  It is comprised of a heartfelt group of volunteers that spends numerous hours making everything from Survivor Joe Bracelets to care packages for our troops overseas.
Soldiers train hard for combat every day. Emergency situations do not occur daily. When they do, survival is key!
Would you believe a bracelet like this is a tool that can save a life? (see picture, on right arm of soldier)
This bracelet is hand woven with 8 feet of military paracord.  It is then secured with a 3/4" washer.  Paracord can be used as a tourniquet for a bleeding wound; a binding device for shelter or floatation; a tool to fish or trap small animals; a tool used in numerous emergency applications just to stay alive. It's important that it can be unwoven in less than two minutes.
Survivor Joe Volunteers come together daily to make hundreds of bracelets not only for our troops but also for civilian supporters. Volunteers additionally provide needed supplies of health food, power drink mixes and clothing to our soldiers overseas. Commissaries overseas become easily depleted of supplies when thousands of soldiers arrive on base. We are here to make a difference.
Contact us to become a Survivor Joe Volunteer.  Individual and Corporate Sponsoring is greatly appreciated to Support Our Troops!

Survivor Joe, you have honorably served our country.  Let us serve you!



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