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Survivor Joe, Inc., an organization that supports our troops with Military Survivor Joe Bracelets, offers your organization an opportunity to fundraise which combines your mission with ours.

Your organization has the option of 4 different bracelets - 2 regular braid and 2 circular braid.  Survivor Joe will provide an order sheet for your convenience in pre-ordering bracelets.

A deposit of $5.00 per bracelet is required up ordering.  A balance of $5.00 per bracelet is required upon delivery.  Event price of each bracelet is $15.00 to support your cause.

We will help with making a banner and photo for your event. Your photo will be sent with the care package and accompanying military Survivor Joe bracelets we provide to our deployed troops overseas.

Please allow 4-6 weeks from order date to delivery subject to available stock of paracord.  Cancelled orders are non-refundable once paracord is ordered.

This is a great event fundraiser for all sporting events, booster club events, club events, carnivals and fairs.

Contact: Carol - survivorjoe@live.com



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