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Our soldiers send their thanks for all your support.  Here are some actual letters received.
"Hey [I am] currently deployed to FOB Fenty, Afghanistan. I received a package with bracelets for my soldiers with your note and email on them. I wanted to write this email and thank you for your support and the time you took to send them. Knowing that people back in the US still think about us is a huge morale booster. So thank you very much for the support and thought."
"Thank you so much for the food and bracelets.  I'm not sure i remember exactly how y'all got my information, but we greatly appreciate it.  Your organization has a spectacular grasp of the things soldiers want/need while in country.  I attached a picture that contains all the soldiers you are supporting with my team."
"I received a couple of the SurvivorJoe bracelets with your info on them and wanted to take a minute to thank you for your support.  ... I am currently deployed to FOB Sharana, Afghanistan.  I am assigned to the 864th Engineer Battalion (US Army) and we are out of Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), WA.  We deployed here on 1 FEB of this year and will be deployed through OCT.  

I have four children at home in JBLM, ages 16, 14, 11 & 5, and plan on sending the four bracelets that I received home to them.  Many people don't think about it, but they go through a lot back home without their Dad there.  Their mother does a great job and my kids are great, but they definitely make sacrifices as well due to me being over here.....

Thanks again for the bracelets and your support!"
"I just wanted to send a big THANK YOU from South Korea.  A box of bracelets and the ready to make trail mix made its way out to us at Camp Humphreys, Korea where I gave out the bracelets to each one of my Soldiers.  A little background on us, we are a helicopter aviation unit (Apaches).  All of our Soldiers LOVED getting the package, we are very grateful for all the support you have given us.  Best of luck to your organization in the future.  God Bless you!"
"Wanted to thank your organization, for the bracelets and care package.  I'm currently in Afghanistan with the Texas National Guard with the SFAT teams mentoring the Afghan Police."
"I received a Bracelet from [you]. I would like to thank [the person who sent it].  I was on a flight when i received it, and I couldn't help but feel better about what it is i do day in and day out.  Just wanted to say thank you.  This bracelet will go with me everywhere I go, until I get home safely."
"...I am from a little town, Lorena, just south of Waco, TX.  My Soldiers and I received some care packages yesterday, which included a bracelet and card from you.  One of the Soldiers has the bracelet but, I took the card so I could write and thank you for the gift.

I get wonderful support from my family.  I have a wonderful wife (Emily), twin three year old girls (Hannah & Naomi) and a newborn baby boy (Parke).  I still love seeing support from people like you.  Thank you so much for caring enough, and taking the time, to show your support."
"I'm on the USS Ronald Reagan. I just wanted to say thank you very much for all the things you sent me and especially the bracelets.  They are amazing.  I really appreciate it."
"I received a package today and I just wanted to thank the people involved with this mission to thank the troops.  I can not be more thankful for what I have gotten today and I truly appreciate and am thankful for what you people do.  Thank You and God Bless!"
"I received a pretty incredible care package a couple of days ago and I finally found some internet connectivity that matched up with some free time to send you a Thank You.  I guess the Mom of my buddy from the Naval Academy started SurvivorJoe.com, found out that I was deployed and sent us a TON of those things.  I'm writing "you" because your email was on the little business cards attached.  Each little card had a note to us that I wish I had time to respond to individually, but please know that your love and support means the world to us over here and makes getting through these deployments to these . . . lovely countries . . . a little more bearable.  Some of my guys may write you if they have the time, some of them may not, but I wanted to make sure that you knew your bracelets made it here, will be worn and are appreciated."
"Great news! The boxes got here last night! I passed out all my bracelets within an hour... The bracelets definitely got quite a few smiles and many thank yous. Emails should be going out to the volunteers who made the bracelets soon as I made sure I got the tags of people who wrote emails and passed them out to those who wanted to thank the volunteers. I got a few myself to write emails to. The bracelets were loved, especially the black ones and the brown and green combos lol. Those definitely went the fastest. As for the snacks, they were a good hit with my shop since we quickly got tired of the not-so-healthy food out here. The trail mix was a treat and the entire bowl went almost as fast as it got here. The calendar is up in our shop and had us all chatting for hours about memories from our childhood like camp and YMCAs and clubs. It all made yesterday a far better day than any we've had this week. Thank you Carol. You really brought out many smiles from HM-15 and you have my deepest gratitude for it."
"Hello :)  We are currently deployed out to Bahrain and we recently got a small batch of your soldier bracelets not too long ago...  the bracelets really did help our moral and moods when we wear them. Clear to say those bracelets haven't been taken off since they were put on.  I wanted to thank you for sending those to us and want to let you know how much we appreciate it...  Thank you so much for your time, patience, and generosity. I wish you the best!"
"thank you very much for the bracelet, i received it in a care package today. You are very welcome for our service from all the guys at Bravo Company; 1-12 Infantry; 4th brigade 4th Infantry Division at COP MONTI Afghanistan (and their US Air Force JTAC me). again thank you very much i will wear the bracelet for good luck!"
"Just wanted to send a thank you from Bco 306th for the bracelets you made for us and your continued support.  It means a lot to every one of our soldiers for your continued support and prayers!"
"We received your care package in the mail today. we have already put all the ingredients into a huge bowl in our Tactical Operations Center were all the guys here on COP Monti spend a large portion of their day. we are in the process of getting all the bracelets passed out to the guys with the message to reply to the sender on the card with thanks. We also have hung up the poster in our common area for everyone to see how much support we have just from one box. Everyone couldn't believe how large the poster was nor how many signatures and messages filled it. From all of the guys at Bravo Company; 1-12 Infantry; 4th brigade 4th Infantry Division at COP MONTI Afghanistan (and their US Air Force JTAC) thank you very much!"
"Please know that your recent care package has arrived and been distributed among many very appreciative soldiers here in Afghanistan. Can you please send me your address- we have something we'd like to send to you as well. All of the soldiers here love the bracelets!!"
"thank you again so much.... the packages are probably waiting for us back the base, and we'll pick them up on our next stop through. the guys all wanted me to let you know how much they appreciate yall and everything yall do for the military."
"I just got back on camp after almost a month of living out in the mountains with few amenities and almost no comfort items. When I went to pick up my mail, there was a package from Survivor Joe waiting for me, and it was a great gift to receive after our time out in the field. I passed out the bracelets to my teammates on our convoy security team and they were very excited and appreciative! Thank you for the package and the time your volunteers spent making these bracelets and getting the snacks together."
"Thank you so much Carol for what you are doing to support us and our brothers on the ground! It's the little things that mean so much!"
"Thanks for another great package!!  We love getting cookies and fun stuff from home.  My whole team and our Army buddies really appreciate it.  The support from home definitely brightens the day and helps us keep going.  Thanks again!!"
"Survivor Joe,
Thank you very much for the package of bracelets that was sent here from the Bastrop High School young adults.  I have passed them out to members of HHC 980th Engineer Battalion to keep on their person! We appreciate all you do to support us in this operation and other areas our soldiers may be occupying.
From beautiful Kandahar Afghanistan
We appreciate you!!
"Thank you very much for the package. It was the first piece of mail that I've gotten since I've been here. It means quite a bit because I got here Christmas eve and no one had my address, so you could say this was my first Christmas present. THANK YOU!"
"hello my name is sgt moreno and i want to say thank you for all yalls support and everything you do for us"
"I wanted to drop you an e-mail saying 'THANK YOU VERY MUCH'!  We are very grateful for all that you do and provide while we are away from our families, friends and loved ones.  The Bracelet that was sent will be worn with pride.

Once again thank you for all you do back home and have a great Holiday."
"Words cannot express how happy the guys/gals are when they get something from back home. I know you think it's small, but it means a ton. I wear my bracelet every day. A small show of solidarity for our troops who have and had it much harder than I ever did. We, us uniform wearers, are very thankful to know we are well thought of at home and have the support of all of you and your friends, please pass this to them also. Thank you again."
"Thanks for the package.  It's great to get mail and everyone in my shop loves the food and bracelets.  We appreciate you taking the time to send us some goodies.

Life in Afghanistan can be rough. The care packages help remind us we have friends and family back home who appreciate what we're doing.  Thanks again for your support and thanks for remembering us."
"I've recently received the Survivor Joe package sent by your organization a few weeks back.  I'd like to take a moment to thank you and your volunteers for taking the time to put some snacks together and most especially for the time put into the bracelets.  I've been able to give most away and expect that the recipients will send your volunteers a thank you note.  You and your organizations' efforts are greatly appreciated.  The time that people take to volunteer and make the bracelets is also greatly appreciated.  Thank you to all."
"We received your package, and the trail mix was devoured that day =). We all appreciate what you're doing. I know that the morale goes up every time a care package comes our way."
"...We all appreciate any care package that comes to us. It almost feels like Christmas sometimes. Mail runs are always exciting as people standby anxiously waiting to see if family or friends sent them something. Then, we get a package from someone that doesn't even know us. It's a reminder of why we do what we do...not to hurt others, but to protect those at home and make sure that loved ones can come home safely. It's great to know that we are appreciated..."
"I want to thank you for your generosity. The bracelet is awesome and very unique. People back home are going to ask where we got these bracelets. I'm definitely proud to be able to say that it was sent to me from someone that cared about us while serving in Iraq. It's people like you who send care packages to other people they don't even know that keep us going. Thanks again."
"Hi there. I wanted to thank you for the box you sent, and all of my men thank you as well.  Everyone here is doing well, and now there spirits are even higher because someone they didn't know sent them a package.  Everyone loves the bracelets as well, they were a big hit!"
"Package arrived today. Thanks so much for the snack mix, movies and bracelets. Our guys will love them. It is such an amazing thing you are doing for us out here. It is an awesome feeling to just open up packages and hand out the goodies."
"... I was told about your website by one of our Aircrewmen when I asked about his bracelet. He received it in a care package a couple years ago - and is still wearing it. It helps him maintain focus as to why he's here. It reminds him of the hard-working Americans for which we fight and support. His eyes glassed over as he explained it to me. Anything that helpful to one of my guys instantly gains my attention. With the Iraq drawdown we're left somewhat less equipped with the general pleasantries from home that we received in the years past. The care packages from church groups, scout troops, and schools have dwindled to almost nothing. The truth is my guys often ask 'how many Americans I think still know we're here.' I try to convey to them that we are not a forgotten force in an Iraqi sea of sand. Sometimes it's hard to find the words to inspire my guys to keep their heads up and push forward until our job here is complete. God knows I have done my best to inspire and support all my guys and will continue to do so. It is for this reason that I was wondering how I could sign some of my guys up to receive bracelets. This type of inspiration and motivation is what keeps us going. For this we thank you."
"We received your care package and wanted to send along our appreciation for your hard work and thoughtfulness.  The bracelets and snack mix were very much appreciated and a wonderful reminder of the support that we have back at home.  Thank you for taking the time to put it all together."
"I want to thank you so much for your program. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan with the MS Army National Guard. I received your care package complete with the bracelets. It totally made this day much better. I am so thankful to people like you, who take the time to send these type of packages. It does make a difference and it is very appreciated."
from someone who donated a bracelet to a soldier:
"I bought a Survivor Joe bracelet at a cheer competition back in December. The soldier my bracelet was sent to emailed me a few days ago. It feels so good to know that I am appreciated for something so small!"
"I am currently serving in Afghanistan and your bracelets were just handed out to all of us. I think it is awesome for what you guys are doing for us over here. I am wearing my Survivor Joe bracelet as we speak. It always makes us feel better when we know people back in the states are caring for us. Really makes us proud to why we are serving our country. Thank you again for all you guys are doing!!!"
"...I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing for the guys overseas. I, myself spent time over in the desert, but it was nothing like Iraq or Afghanistan. I was in Saudi Arabia in 2002 for Op Southern Watch and Op Iraqi Freedom and wish your company were around then, that way I could have had you send us some bracelets. Oh well. Keep you the amazing work you are doing and never stop supporting our troops."
"Got some boxes from your organization and wanted to say thank you and that I have been distributing them out soldiers, sailors, marines, and officers...all are super pumped and appreciative!  Thanks for all that you guys have sent, please pass on our thanks and have a Merry Christmas if I don't talk to you soon."
"I just wanted to send a thank you. I received your second package about a week ago and everything has already been eaten/used. I also received a package from the Crandall High School Booster Club.  If you have contact with them, please send them our thanks.

All the support is very much appreciated by us serving over here."
"I got your Survivor Joe Package today.  I just wanted to thank you for the bracelets and the treats.  The bracelets were a hit and everyone thought they were very cool.  Everyone also seemed excited to email their donors. Many people expressed great appreciation and wanted me to thank you for sending them.  As expected, the snacks you sent went fast as well.  It is very cool to see a lot of the people in my squadron walking around with the bracelets on.  We are all very thankful for your support, along with the support of everyone who donated bracelets.  Again, thank you so so much!  HSC-12 will wear them with pride."
"I am a serving Australian soldier currently in Afghanistan and my troop are interested in purchasing up to 20 of your bracelets.  How do we go about making a group purchase and having them sent here in Afghan."
"Thank you very much for the bracelets and trail mix.  My office was VERY excited to get the trail mix and bracelets are already flowing out within 5 minutes of getting the package."
"Thank you so much for the care packages. We did receive them and I send many of them to Soldiers all over Afghanistan. Sorry for the delay in answering your email, but I have been traveling and seeing Soldiers and giving them care packages. May the Lord continue to bless you according to your generosity and compassion. You have no idea how much it means for our Troopers to receive a care package that communicates someone cares, someone appreciates what you do. Blessings."
"...I heard from my Aussie counterparts that some of them had emailed the boy scouts thanking them for the bracelets... I wanted to share my appreciation for your continued support for those of us who are out here and for the great snacks and treats you supplied us. They always went quickly because they were so delicious!"
"...You and your friends recently sent me and the soldiers in my unit some support the troops bracelets.  I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for your support.  I can't tell you how important it is to my soldiers and I to know that you and your family are behind us 100%.  Thanks again.  God bless you and take good care buddy."
"Yes we did get your bracelets and the hot cider :)  The hot cider has been a hit throughout the Christmas and New Year gatherings at Holy Joes.  The temperature dips down into the 50's and sometimes 40's at night so people enjoy a hot beverage this time of year.  I've been passing out the bracelets like crazy lately.  Another 3 people stopped by my office today to pick some up... Thank you again for everything!  Our Soldiers are enjoying everything you've done!"


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